Art League: The Briny Breezes Art League is open to any Briny resident with payment of their dues. The league sponsors courses in different media: watercolor, acrylic, and oil, and are available for beginners and more advanced students. When possible, demonstrations are a part of the regular meetings. The major event of the year is the annual Art Show.  All league members are expected to participate in supporting the show.   For more information, please go to the Briny Art Leagues webpage:

Meeting Dates: First Tuesday evening of each month 

  •   President 
  •  1st Vice President 
  •  2nd Vice President
  •  Secretary
  •  Treasurer 

Beach Club: The purpose of the Beach Club is to celebrate our beach and our ocean front clubhouse. Our theme is: Every Hour in Briny is a Happy Hour! 

Dues are $3.00 per year 


1. Wednesday Happy Hour: now held outdoors. 5 pm on Wednesdays bring drinks and snacks up to our Oceanfront deck, grassy area in front of deck, or any of the 16 other seating areas. Spread out and stay safely distant, but join us to keep our community spirit alive.

2. Three Fun Fridays at the Fountain (dates and themes to be announced)

3. Monthly 50/50. We will sell tickets at all events and through the mail. The drawing will be held on the last Wednesday of each month.

4. Beach Club Contributions. Every year the Beach Club donates the proceeds of the 50/50 for various projects to benefit our community such as the purchase of the Tiki Huts, donations to other clubs and charities, sound equipment for clubhouse, appliances for clubhouse, etc.

  • President- Joe Carroll
  • Treasurer/Secretary- Carol Ellis

Billiards Club: The purpose of the Billiards Club is to provide a room for those members who like to play billiards. The billiards room has two professional pool tables, 70 cue sticks, two sets of cue balls, chalk, brushes. and two table covers.

Dues: $3.00 per person per year.  

There are three tournaments each year. The first tournament will be the third Saturday in January at 9:00 am. Second will be on the third Saturday in February with the the third being held on the third Saturday in March. The third tournament is our trophy tournament. The winner to this event will have his or her name placed on our permanent trophy which is displayed in our billiards room. We presently have __ members and encourage anyone interested to join.

  • President
  • Vice Presidents
  • Secretary/Treasurer

Bingo Club: The purpose of the Bingo Club is to brighten up Monday evenings. We charge dues to enable us to buy better quality cards and new Bingo Balls.

Meeting Dates: Every Monday during the season

Time -- Doors open at 6:00 pm -- Game begins at 7:00 pm

Place -- Auditorium

Dues -- $3.00 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

Boating and Fishing Club:  

What is the Boating & Fishing Club? It’s a social club that started out years ago and has kept its original name. However, it has nothing to do with or about boating or fishing. The objective of the club is to keep everyone informed of activities in Briny. Our members get together at our meetings to socialize, have free coffee, donuts or muffins and get to know each other. Everyone is welcome to join; membership is $4.00, and guests and children are free to come to a meeting and have a great time with their friends and neighbors. Looking forward to meeting the many people who have moved into our community as buyers or renters, and very happy to see all our repeat members back with us. If you have any questions about joining the Boating & Fishing Club, ask the front office for a form to join, or just look in the Bugle for the meeting date and you can join our next meeting. Dan Statt, President

BBC-8: Briny's very own television news and entertainment station. BBC-8 broadcasts every morning Monday - Friday at 8:00 starting in January through March. With re-runs during the day. BBC-8 features local Briny news, announcements, club activities and interviews with interesting people in and around Briny. 

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • Camera work
  • Technicians
  • Anchors (on air talent)
  • Guests
  • and many other positions throughout the season

To help out or just find out more about BBC-8 feel free to contact: 

  • President
  • Vice President


Cabaret Club: Join the Cabaret Club if you like to dance and have fun! There is a dance the second Saturday of every month beginning in December.

Dues: $4.00 

  • President - 
  • Vice President - 
  • Secretary - 
  • Treasurer - 
  • Membership - 
  • Cabaret meetings 9:30 the day of Cabaret dances (Ocean Club House)

    Chiseler's Club: The Chiselers' Club of Briny Breezes provides facilities for and the promotion of woodworking and related activities. The meetings are advertised in the Bugle and are normally held twice a month. Any adult resident shall be eligible for membership provided they attend two consecutive meetings and are voted on as new members and approved by the Executive Committee. All members pay an annual membership fee. This entitles members to use the Chiselers' facility and tools. Lockers are limited but may become available depending on demand. Certain tools can be signed out by members. An annual show and fundraiser is held by the organization in mid March. Elections are held annually for the various executive officers by the membership.

    • Meeting Location: Chiselers' Club
    • Meeting Dates: First and Third Monday
    • Time: 8:30 AM Coffee 9:00 AM Meeting
    • Membership Costs: $25.00 initial fee to join / $10.00 yearly dues

    At this time, due to the Covid-19 Virus restrictions, monthly meetings for the general membership have been postponed. The Executive Committee continues to meet with safe health practices as necessary to conduct required business and approve new members. For those interested in joining, please send your request addressed to S-208 with your name, unit #, and contact information.

    Choral Club:  The Briny Chorus is made up of people from Briny who enjoy singing. They perform at a concert each March in a show usually made up of pop music and show tunes.

    Curtain Raisers Club: We try to provide an opportunity for Briny residents to associate with others who enjoy performing and/or supporting our stage presentations. 

    The Club produces a "show" each season for the enjoyment of Briny residents and friends. Each season we ask for suggestions and try to do something that will appeal to Briny residents and use our stage facilities including up-to-date sound equipment and a new state-of-the-art spotlight.

    Dues: $2.00 per person per season.

    The Briny Breezes Curtain Raisers is looking for you to join this coming season: Have you ever wanted to be a coffee table dancer, share in the excitement of a production, or operate a theatrical audio system?   Curtain Raisers can help you with this or other big things on your ‘bucket list.’ 

    We look forward to presenting another great show for our community this season. It always turns out to be a great time with fun had by all. Please join us as we need participation both on stage and behind the scenes. You do not need to be professional or even have any experience – we will train you and get you running up to speed with the rest of us amateurs. 

    See the Briny calendar for Curtain Raisers meetings

    If you are interested in helping out or just have questions but cannot attend the meetings, feel free to contact:  Jean McFadden at 616-886-2102

    Duplicate bridge: Duplicate bridge games are held every Monday and Friday evenings in the Community Building.  

    Party Bridge games are held Sundays from 5 - 7 and Tuesday afternoons at 12:15

    Bridge lessons are given each week.

    All bridge players are welcomed.

    • President 
    • Vice President 
    • Secretary / Treasurer 

    Exercise Club/Gym: The Briny Exercise Club/Gym is open 24/7 for the convenience of its members. 

    There are 2 bikes, one recumbent bike and one air bike, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, a rowing machine, a 3 station universal machine, a weight bench with various weights, a stretching bench and some other various small equipment. There is a TV for viewing while exercising.

    You must have a signed waiver on file. 

    Dues are $30 per year (Jan-Dec) regardless of the amount of your usage time. If you have guests that want to use it for a couple of weeks the cost is $10 and a signed waiver.

    Contact Kathy Gross (F25) at 970-259-2271 to become a member.

    Garden Club: The Garden Club is about fun, friendship ad the joy of keeping our Briny BEAUTIFUL with stunning gardens and fantastic flowers! We also enjoy many of the following activities:

    • Trips to Johnathan Dickinson State Park
    • Visiting The Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden
    • The Bonnet House and Gardens and The Sunday House and Gardens
    • Mounts Botanical Gardens
    • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
    • Flamingo Gardens
    • Guest speakers and educational video presentations relating to Florida horticulture
    • Container gardens for our grounds beautifying shuffleboard wall pool patio and surrounding decks and the community center
    • Annual Poinsettia sale
    • Sale of solar safety lights
    • Adopt-a-pot beautification project
    • "Blooming Good" awards

    We meet on the second Thursday of the month

    8:30 am Coffee and Fellowship

    Good Music Club: The Good Music Club brings quality entertainment to Briny. Minimum $5 entrance at the door per person to enable us to bring you these shows. 

    See the Briny Calendar for performances this season

    Dues: $4.00 per year 


    •  Co-Presidents
    •  Secretary and Treasurer 
    •  Admissions and Consultant 

    Hobby Club: The Hobby Club offers a multitude of classes including sewing, jewelry making, stained glass, quilting, and many, many more. 

    We have a lot of fun -- come join us as we begin a new and exciting season.

    President -- 

    Dues: $5.00 Pay dues to Treasurer 

    Ping Pong Club: The purpose of the Ping Pong Club is to provide an opportunity for active ping pong play among Briny Breezes residents and guests. The Club hosts a Ping Pong Playoff and Pizza Party annually.

    Meeting Dates: Every Saturday during the season

    Time -- 7:00 pm

    Place -- Community Center


    • President- Kevin Dwyer
    • Treasurer- Sue Thaler 


    Club Activities for 21-22 starting in December 

    Fun Days every Tuesday at 12:45pm   This is a great time to come and learn the strategy of the game.

    Quarter Games Wednesdays 9 am  This is a friendly competition where we play 3 games each for a quarter to the winner

    Couples League (starts in January)  Any 2 people can make a couple.  

    You are encouraged to come to the courts any night to play, someone is usually there that can help you with the game.  

    New players are always welcomed.  To participate in club activities, you must be a member

    Club Membership   Dues can be paid at the Shuffleboard Meetings which are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month in the West Clubroom or submit to mailbox C-203

    • President: Charlene Murray
    • Vice President: Debbie Tagliareni
    • Vice President: Rich Curtis
    • Secretary: Judy Warnock
    • Treasurer: Ron Vaughn


    Swim Club: Our mission is to promote active, safe, and healthful activities in the swimming pool and cabana area by 1) planning maintenance of pool and cabana furniture, 2) maintaining the plants and flowers, 3) coordinating major maintenance needs with the Board of Directors, and 4) sponsoring swim classes for both men and women to promote special exercise programs.


    • President 
    • Vice President
    • Secretary 
    • Treasurer 
    • Membership Chair 

    Dues: $2.00 per person 

    Classes are held M/W/F

    9:30  Water Aerobics by tape   

    10:30 Water Aerobics 

    Meetings: Third Thursday of the month  Noon At the Pool Cabana - bring your own lunch

    Annual Hot Dog Luncheon, see Bugle for details

    Travel ClubThe Travel Club is one of Briny's largest. Speakers, usually Briny members, will make presentations on trips they have taken.  Many presenters will show articles they have gathered during trips. Join us to hear about exciting trips and share your travel experiences with fellow Brinyites.


    • President - 
    • Secretary -  
    • Treasurer - 
    • Programs - 

    YogaMeeting Location: Ocean Clubhouse

    Every Sunday and Tuesday at 11:00 A.M.

    • Cost: Free (no dues at this time)
    • Contact Person:
    • Bring: A yoga mat
    • Wear: Loose comfortable clothes or workout clothes
    • Also needed: Yoga straps (2) or use belts or men's ties; Yoga blocks

    Zumba: Zumba Fitness with Nancy!   Ocean Clubhouse - Tuesdays / Thursdays 9:30 a.m.

    Zumba Gold Thursdays 11:00 a.m.

    All Levels - All are welcome